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  • What is The Flannel Crew?
    Once again, we set out to make a positive difference in the local bike community. We dug, we helped out, and we gave back wherever we could.
  • Rider Sponsorship?
    We do review requests to assist individual riders or help with sponsorship. We have our own core crew, as well as a select group of other teams and athletes. A lot of our customers get involved in cycling charity events and we love to hear about these and give support where we can. Please contact us and send details of what you are doing and for what charity and we will try to put a bit of help your way!
  • Why Has My Refund Not Shown Up In My Bank Account?
    If we've let you know that we've refunded you, don't worry it's on its way! If you've paid by PayPal your funds will have been refunded to your PayPal account. Refunds to credit cards can take up to ten banking days to appear in your account.
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